Tomeas - Serviços de Engenharia e Consultadoria  is an Authorized Implementation Partner of ImpactXP. 

A complete “MMS” solution for the mid-market enterprise requiring maintenance management
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Tomeas - Serviços de Engenharia e Consultadoria tem-se dedicado nos últimos 15 anos ao desenvolvimento e implementação de sistemas de gestão da manutenção informatizados.

A actual aplicação  pertence á terceira geração deste tipo de sistema,  e a experiência de implementação em clientes já ultrapassa largas centenas de utilizadores.

The Benefits of  Maintenance Management:

Increased Productivity: Streamlined business practices and shared knowledge means greater productivity. By making support information such as drawings, procedures and documentation available at the right time, work can be completed more effectively.

Keeping it simple: By allowing maintenance managers to configure the user interface themselves, they can access and control how they view the information that is relevant to them. Managers can customise forms and reports the way that they want.

Reduced Downtime: Managers can track recurring equipment downtime and plan accordingly. By effectively planning repairs with the relevant parts and skills available, they can reduce downtime.

Reduced labour costs: Labour costs are the highest cost to most organisations today. An effective maintenance strategy can increase labour productivity and lead to better human resource allocation. This helps to determine appropriate resource levels.

Extended Equipment Life: The effective maintenance of equipment helps extend its useful life. A lack of preventive maintenance can have a costly impact on the company, whereas longer life assets provide greater shareholder value and increased cash flow.

Reduced Inventory Costs: Recording the usage of spare parts for equipment can assist organisations to predict equipment requirements so that they can plan stock levels accordingly. S

hared Knowledge base: One centralised system can streamline the ability to share real time information across the enterprise.

Reduced Unit cost of production: If increased throughput is achieved with the same amount of resources, the unit cost is reduced.